About Us

Federation of Iranian Food Industries Association was established in 2003 with involvement of active associations in the field of food industries in the country. The goal of the federation is making coordination between associations in order to keep contact with regulatory; handling issues and problems of its members; planning to provide effective and  special plans with the aim of boosting productivity and improvement in food industries of the country.
To achieve above targets and use potential and capabilities of public and private sectors, Federation of Iranian Food Industries Association has been registered in both Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare and Chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agricultural as two official registered entities.  
Federation of Iranian Food Industries Association is the largest Iranian food industries organization with 35 members including associations, unions and syndicates.
Already taken actions 
-    Holding specialized exhibitions in different fields of food industry
-    Constant contact with FAO in the field of data collection and monitoring related to the food industry
-    Establishment of complex to monitoring and controlling quality of food
-    Having seat in technical committee of Health Ministry
-    Signing memorandum of understanding with National Standard Organization to review and monitor standards of the food industry
-    Collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade’s planning department in setting up strategic plan for the food industry 
-    Partnership with the Chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture in organizing national productivity Festival
-    Signing memorandum of understanding with the Institute of Business Studies and Research to set up network of studies on final costs 
-    Signing memorandum of understanding with Intelligent Persian Corporation to set up network of studies on productivity and development of the food industry  
-    Signing memorandum of understanding with Tehran University science and technology park to collaborate on technology research
Basic tasks
1-    Attempt to secure trade rights and legitimate demands of members through creating favorable grounds to achieve targets of Federation
2-    collecting information, evaluating and researching about problems, needs and priorities 
3-    Planning to meet needs of training, development and business extension 
4-    Attempt to enhance productivity and production capacity and innovative technology transfer
5-    Attempt to improve product quality by investigating, identifying and using new methods of quality control
6-    Efforts to coordinate the training affairs, enhancing skills and supplying workforce, cooperation with Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare and other relevant agencies and institutions to carry out training  related to technical protection and workplace health 
7-    Do necessary research and give legal and consulting advice to prepare bills and plans related to employment, social security regulations and rights of employers to the authorities 
8-    Receiving entrance and membership fees and voluntary contributions of members
9-    Collaboration to establish, enhance and expand cooperatives companies as duties of federation to provide facilities to its members 
10-    Protect, defend and support the rights and interests of its members through  offering suggestion and attracting support of trade and professional bodies and government agencies towards its goals 
11-    Purchase, sale and acquisition of assets for the Federation if it is not the intention to trade and attract interest.
12-    Cooperation with other associations and performing other duties that under the regulations must be done by Federation  
13-    Taking responsibilities and cooperation with ministries, agencies and state entities and task recommended by them and readiness to provide the necessary consultations  
14-    Membership and contact with local and international committees and organizations in the context of union activities and regulations of the country
15-    Involvement in professional negotiations with related organizations of employers and signing collective contracts with workers organization

Specific tasks
1-      Collabrating with workers associations or provincial association and other employers associations
2-      Providing legal advisory on regulations, rules and plans relating to the food industry, labor laws and social security issues, welfare and rights of employers to the authorities
3-      Working with organizations related to food industry in the form of joint committees and workgroups
4-      Continuous assessment of the domestic and foreign markets and provide analytical reports related to food
5-      Carry out scientific and research activities in the country and abroad for the benefit of members
6-      Training courses, specialized seminars and forums as well as attending internal and external conferances 
7-      Publication of books, articles, magazines and journals related to activities of Federation 
8-      Organizing and participating in local and international exhibitions related to the food industry
9-      Participating in setting standards needed for the manufacture and export of goods and services to members
10-  Participation in the activities of the ministries and government agencies regarding implementing Article 44 of the Constitution and privatization