Members of IFIF

Iranian Chips and Snacks Manufacturers and Exporters Union
Iranian Bread Producer & Export Federation
Iranian Aquatics Growers and Exporter Cooperatives Union
Iranian Food Industries Additives Association
Iranian Rice Association
Iranian Bottled Water Association
Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers Association
Fruit Concentrates and Juice Manufacturers and Exporters Association
Industrial Bread Manufacturers Association of Tehran Province
Iran Dairy Industries Society
Iranian Meat Products Industries Association
Association of Iranian Millers
Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage Poducers Association
Iranian Refined Salt Manufacturers Association
Association of Iranian Cconfectionery Manufacturing Companies
Iranian Vegetable Oil Industry Association
Iranian Oilseed Processing Industries Association
Iranian Margarine Industries Trade Association
Iranian Lemon Juice Industry Trade Association
Iranian Sugae Factories Syndicate
Pasta Factories Employers Trade Association of Iran
Industrial Bread Factories Employers Trade Association of Iran
Food Industries Employers Trade Association of Fars Province
Protein Production and Packaging Industry Employers Trade Association of Iran
Olive Oil and Pickled Olives Producers Trade Association of Iran
Beverage Industry Trade Association
Glucose, Starch Society
National Association of Iranian Dates
Iran Syndicate of Canned Food Industries
Iran Syndicate of Yeast Producers
Iranian Association of Flour Industries
Iranian Rice Importers Association
Poultry, Livestock, Aquatic Feed Industry Association
National Association of Khuzestan Dates
Society of Iranian Poultry Industries